Who Will See My Show?

Anyone you invite can watch your shopping show! You can view it on any desktop browser. We’ll promote your show as ‘upcoming’ to our existing shoppers, but you can also invite your customer base using our invite tools, facebook and other social networks.

How will I sell items?

LiveShopCast allows you to place links from your existing eCommerce store. Whether it’s Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, or links to your products in Amazon, WalMart.com, or eBay, it’s as easy as adding the links. From there, the “Add to Cart” functionality is dropped in to allow for easy checkout using your existing payment mechanisms.

What format do I need to import my Product List?

The Import Product List feature in the LiveShopCast portal simply requires a CSV (Comma-separated-values) file, with the product values in the following order: “Product Name”, “Price”, “Image URL”, “Product Page URL” See an example file here.

Couldn’t I just use YouTube or Facebook live for this?

LiveShopCast was developed specifically with retailers and home-based businesses in mind so you can take orders directly through the broadcast. You can use other live streaming platforms to broadcast a video, but unfortunately those platforms don’t work well for taking orders.   Also, all broadcasts are saved for Replay.  You can also post your replay to your social/email/marketing sites and continue to earn sales!

Is this hard?

No, it’s not hard at all! It’s easy and fun. Contact Us to get started!