Welcome to LiveShopCast!

STEP ONE: Install App and Create your account
Go to the my.liveshopcast.com website or the mobile app to create your account, then UPDATE YOUR PROFILE!   

Whether you use the website or the mobile app, a good first step is to edit your profile to add your logo and set your timezone.

Download from the App Store
Download from the Play Store

STEP TWO: Quick Start Guide
Watch this short (2 Minute!) video tutorial on creating a broadcast on your LiveShopCast website admin page.   

You can also Create/Edit/Manage broadcasts directly from the mobile app, but product lists are managed exclusively from the my.liveshopcast.com website.

STEP THREE: Your first broadcast! 

  1. Create a test broadcast
  2. Invite us (using the Share/Promote action)
  3. Go Live!

We are excited to get you rolling!

Have any questions or want to get in touch?

Email us at help@liveshopcast.com